Commerical Decorating

Through our team of highly skilled, reliable and professional painters and decorators, we provide our customers with exceptional results every time. We work with a diverse range of clients from property managers to maintenance contractors, interior designers to direct with schools, offices and retailers.

We are highly skilled in a variety of techniques so that we can provide a quality service to all clients, no matter what your situation or requirement. 

  • Variety of techniques for a professional finish

  • Site manager and quality control on every job

  • Flexible work patterns to suit the client

  • Free consultation and quotes

  • Fully insured with public liability

  • Health and safety trained

Painting Services

We can paint any type of building including houses, schools, offices, shops or restaurants providing exceptional standard of painting through our knowledgeable and experienced team.

  • Paint any type of surface in all buildings

  • Prepare the walls repairing any cracks or holes

  • Consultation and advice for the best method

  • Quality control to ensure high standards throughout

  • Flexible work patterns for minimal disruption

Spraying Services

Spraying is perfect for large spaces or when time is tight. It's much faster than traditional painting techniques but still offers a even, quality finish.


  • All types of surfaces including walls, metal work and shutters

  • Prepare and repair any surfaces to be sprayed

  • Cover and protect any areas not being sprayed

  • Site is left clean and tidy each night for minimal disruption

  • Production manager and quality control for every job



Wallpaper Services

Professional installation for any type of wallpaper in any environment for the most complex projects. We take time to properly prepare the area before installation to ensure a quality finish that lasts. We can also offer advice on what type or how much paper will be required for the job.

  •  Murals in homes, schools or hospitals  

  • Functional wallpaper in offices

  • New or refurbished hotels,  restaurants and bars

  • Complete home refurbishments   

For more on our specialist wallpaper installation:

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