Garden Project


Using our pressure washer we cleaned the patio and surrounding masonry work, removing all grime and moss. The paving slabs came back to their original colour, looking as bright as if they were new. We then repaired any loose render on the retaining wall, painting the wall and steps in a brilliant white for a gleaming finish. 

"The patio has come up like new as has the wall. I’m delighted with the finished result. As soon as Covid permits I’ll be asking them to quote for some indoor decorating. Can thoroughly recommend them." Janet, Northwood

Exterior Painting


This property had extensive damage to the door surround, so before we could repaint it, we had to recreate part of the plinths using wood. Using exterior paint, which would protect the surround from further damage, it was painting white to bring it back to it's original state. 

The garage door also required a complete overhaul. All the old paint was removed with a heat gun to bring it back to bare metal. It was then primed and painted with a metal paint in the colour of the customers choice.  


Exterior Painting


During our time at this Knightsbridge property we worked with the interior designer to renovate the entire 5 bed property including the exterior of the house. Our flexible working allowed us to work smoothly alongside multiple contractors to ensure the job was completed to schedule.

The shutters and front door needed to be extensively repaired before painting, so we took the time required to get them back to their original state. To ensure an even finish, the shutters were primed and painted with our sprayer and the front door was hand painted for the perfect finish. 


Bespoke Digitally Printed Silk


This digitally printed silk was designed by the artist Anna Glover and specially designed for this bedroom in Nottinghill.

The silk wallpaper came with hanging plans showing where each piece of the design needed to be hung, leaving absolutely no room for error. Our extensive experience provided the skill needed for such a delicate and precise project. 


Textured Wallpaper


This living room was covered in grey wallpaper and finished with a feature wall, covered in textured peacock wallpaper.

We carried out this job from preparation to completion, stripping and preparing the walls so that they provide the best surface for the wallpaper. The ceilings were painted in a simple white emulsion and the woodwork carefully painted with a white gloss.


Silver Tecktura Vinyl


This silver Tecktura vinyl wallpaper was ordered from America specifically for this Mayfair apartment bedroom. 

Before we started we took the time to line the walls to ensure the best surface, especially important in this project due to the reflective nature of the paper.

Our experience in this field provided the skill to expertly cover the multi level walls and TV alcove.


Exterior Woodwork


As part of a complete refurbishment we repaired and painted all exterior woodwork, organising the scaffolding for the duration of the project.

The window required restoration through burning off any knot leakage and a knotting solution applied to prevent any future damage to the woodwork. We then applied an under coat and high gloss paint for a silky finish.

The front door was sanded and filled to give a smooth surface for the gloss finishing paint. We hand applied five coats of high gloss, sanding with an 800 grade paper between coats for a perfect finish.


Sprayed Ornate Ceiling

High Street Kensington

Working with building developers we sprayed the ceiling of six individual apartments in London. The ceilings were made from a fibrous plaster creating an ornate ceiling with intricate detail.

Our Airless spray unit provided an even finish to an uneven surface and allowed us to work quickly and efficiently through the building.


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